Free Registration Procedure on B2BALTIC™ for locals and foreigners

SSL-secure-connection1Free Register your talent and activity on B2BALTIC the biggest Nordic Baltic Business Community of social innovators, decision-makers, distributors, retailers, marketers, brokers, investors, mentors, tech-geeks, recruiters, buyers, sellers, startuppers. Or certify your company to buy & sell in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and  the “gateway” countries (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy). For free is the elaboration of your application to the B2B community (please remind, it can take time!), a first suggestion for your business from our Non-Profit Social Department, and a participation to smart networking (for local businesses and gateway countries, you can do it from immediately after the application) and first evaluation. A Plus: you can enter the membership facilities and become authorized “exporter” or “mentor” Don´t miss the chance to participate anyway.

(*) B2BALTIC-SOCIAL team is also on facebook;

LUXURY NORDIC HUB is also on facebook;

GROUPS4U is the popular directory of free B2B networking for members on LinkedIn;

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